Google Sheets Scores

Chameleon's Google Sheets Score is a great way to use a shared, cloud base Sheet to populate your sports results.

To Start, use this template and duplicate to make your own:

Google Sheet Template

At the bottom of the sheet, rename your tab to the name of the league. You may have as many tabs/leagues as you'd like.

Add some results.


Note: Start Date and Time are required.


Note: Keep the team names the same. By doing so, no duplicate names will be created in future games.

Share your document so that it becomes accessible and editable to the Reader and your colleagues.

Install the Reader on your Chameleon server. You will be asked to authorize your google account.

Enter the Database Information

Insert the ID from your Google Sheet.

Run the Reader.

After the results are read, you can go into Chameleon and re-label the Teams and Sports Leagues.

In this section: