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Use the Closings module to create notifications for institutions of any kind, from schools to government buildings to community centers, during statutory holidays, emergencies, or for inclement weather. For example, you may want to create a closing notification that lists the status of every school in a geographical district following a snowstorm.

You can create and manage your closings in Flow. From the Home page, select Content Control > Closings

Closing Groups

Institutions are organized into Groups. Groups is a great way to split the types of Institutions, or to split your institutions by regions. (i.e: West End School Districts and East End School Districts).  In a Rundown you have the ability to choose a closing group for playout, as well as a playlist.

Group Editing
Select content group

Select the group
or click New

You can edit

- name
- broadcast name

Add New Institution

Select a Content Group from the list to filter content by that Content Group. Content Groups are created and managed in the User Setup > Manage Content
Groups module. 

0. Select or create the Closing Group you want to add to.
  1. Once the group has been selected, press on the Add New button

2. Enter the institution information

  • Type the Institution Name
  • Select the Type of institution
  • Select the Status.
    • To create new status, you need to be a Global content group system administrator.
  • Optional - provide a Valid Until date and time.
    • once this is past it will no longer be included for broadcast
  • Optional - add More details using the dynamic fields editor

3. Specify whether this institution is enabled for broadcast using the Airs option. Clear this option to prevent this institution from being broadcast.

4. Click Add Now

Manage Existing Institutions

You can manage existing institutions at any time as follows:

Modify Institutions
  1. Click Edit to modify an institution.  
  2. Modify institution details, including the Name, Type and Status, Valid Until, Airs and More (via dynamic fields)
  3. Click Save Now to save your changes.
Remove Institutions

Removing an institution also removes it from any Institution Playlists.

Click Remove  to remove the institution. Click OK to confirm.

Enable or Disable Institutions for Broadcast

  Institution is enabled for broadcast to display on-air. Click to disable the institution and prevent it from going to broadcast.

  Institution is disabled. Click to enable the institution and allow it to go to broadcast.

Click Show All to enable all existing institutions in the list. These institutions will go to broadcast.

Click Hide All to disable all existing institutions in the list. These institutions will not go to broadcast.

BLADE for Closings

Closings can also be accessed through BLADE. See the topic BLADE - Closings for details.

System Preferences

The following System Preferences are relevant to the Closings module.

Closings > Auto Assign Valid Until

Automatically assign a valid until time of tonight near midnight when enabling a closing to air. It will not override a supplied valid until time that is in the future when the closing is enabled to go to air.

Default: false

Closings > Status Text Max Length

The number of characters that are allowed in the closing status text.

Default: 255

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