Use the Sponsors module to create and manage records that specify sponsor information and associated media.

From the Home page, select Content Control > Sponsors

Clients and Campaigns

For creating and managing Clients and Campaigns, follow the similar instructions found in the Branding module. 

Add New Sponsor record


1. Select a Content Group from the list to filter content by that Content Group. Content Groups are created and managed in the User Setup > Manage Content
Groups module. See Content Groups for details.

2. Click on the Add New button.

3. The in-line editor will then show up at the top of the grid.

Enter the name for the sponsor record. You can optionally assign a Campaign for the new sponsor record. Select the media that will be associated with this sponsor record.

You can also add any dynamic field data. For more information, see the topic on Dynamic Fields.

4. Click on the Add Now button.

Manage Existing Sponsor records

You can manage existing Sponsor records at any time as follows:

Edit Sponsor
  1. Click on the edit icon.  
  2. Modify the name, campaign or select a new media.
  3. Click on the Save Now button to save your changes.
Remove Sponsor

Click on the remove icon  to remove the Sponsor item.

Remove Selected Sponsor items

Click on the selection checkboxes of the Sponsor items that are to be deleted. Then, click on the the Remove Selected button. 

A dialog will show up indicating the number of items selected and will ask for a confirmation about the removal. Click on the OK button to proceed with the removal.

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