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Use the Traffic module to create traffic items. Traffic Items are grouped by Reports.

For example, you may want to create a traffic item detailing a collision at a specific intersection to alert viewers of potential delays as a result. In situations like construction zones, you can also provide drive time details.

You can create and manage your traffic items in Chameleon. From the Home page, under Content Control select  Traffic. 

Add New Traffic Item

  • If prompted, select a Content Group from the list to filter content by that Content Group. Content Groups are created and managed in the User Setup > Content Groups module. 
  • Select whether to use a Traffic Report or Playlist to add the new item.
    • If using Reports, choose the particular Report (group) from the drop-down list to add the new Traffic Item to.
      • If there are no Reports available, create a new one by clicking on the New button on the far right of the drop-down list. Type the Name and Broadcast Name for the Report and press the Save button.
      • Alternatively, you can go to the Reports tab in the Navigation bar near the top of the page and create a new Report there first. For more information on managing Reports, see Traffic Reports.
    • if using Playlists, select a Playlist from the drop-down list. If there are no playlists available, go to the Playlists tab using the Navigation bar and create a new playlist there. For more details on Playlists see Traffic Playlists.
  • Click Add New at the top of the Report or Playlist grid. 
  • Enter a Road name.
  • Enter descriptive Route Text, as needed, such as Gardiner EB (427 to DVP) or 410 Southbound (Steeles to 401).
  • Enter Place details, such as a cross-street, corner, landmark, or other identifying details.
  • Select the Type of traffic incident.
  • Enter Drive Time values, if desired.
  • Enter a Camera URL, if desired
  • Enter a Description, if desired.
  • If adding a new Playlist Item, choose a Traffic Report to save the new item into.
  • Enter More information via Dynamic Fields if desired.
  • Specify whether this traffic item is enabled for broadcast using the Airs option. Clear this option to prevent this item from being broadcast.
  • Click Add Now.


Manage Existing Traffic Items

You can manage existing traffic items at any time as follows:

Modify Traffic Items
  1. Click on the Edit icon to modify a traffic item.  
  2. Modify traffic item details as needed.
  3. Click on the Save Now button to save your changes.
Remove Traffic Items

Removing a traffic item also removes that item from any playlist where it has been added.

Click on the Remove icon  to remove the traffic item. Click OK to confirm.

Enable or Disable Traffic Items for Broadcast

 Traffic item is enabled for broadcast to display on-air. Click to disable the traffic item and prevent it from going to broadcast.

 Traffic item is disabled. Click to enable the traffic item and allow it to go to broadcast.

Click to enable all existing traffic item in the list. These items will go to broadcast.

Click to disable all existing traffic items in the list. These items will not go to broadcast.

Sort Traffic Items

You can sort the columns of the table; however this sort order does not affect broadcast output. By default, the sort order is based on the updated time.

Click on a column header to sort in ascending or descending or default order.

Filter Traffic ItemsYou can filter the items by entering text in the text boxes beneath the grid column titles and then pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard.

BLADE for Traffic

Traffic can also be accessed through BLADE. See the topic BLADE - Traffic for details.

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