Scores Dynamic Playlist

The dynamic playlist module for sports allows you to define the filtering criteria that automatically selects relevant scores available in the system.

You can choose to filter on:

  • league

  • team(s)

  • game state

  • and more…

You choose your filter criteria and review the results based on the currently available scores. Then you save the selections you made using a relevant name so you’ll easily know what the list was designed for.

Where is it?

The Dynamic Playlist module is found as an item of the Sports content module.

Define Filtering Options

You start by specifying your filtering criteria. By default you will see only some of the available filtering options but you can change the displayed options using the Select Filters dropdown near the top-left.

Blank or Empty Filter Options

If a filter option is left blank then it will not be used.

Remove a Filter Option

To clear a selection from a list - click the X on the right-hand side of the list.

To clear a selection from a textbox - simply select and delete the text.

Hide or Show a Filter Option

To hide a filter option - clear the checkbox beside its name in the Select Filters list:

Start a New Playlist

To start defining a new playlist - you press the + icon. That will clear the current filter selections. Then make your new filter selections and save them. You will be prompted to select a group/folder and provide a name.

Managing Playlists

There are a set of toolbar buttons to help you manage your playlists.







Start/Add a new playlist

Reloads the page with the filter selections cleared and ready to select new options

Load/Open an existing playlist

A popup will appear allowing you to select a previously saved playlist

Save the current playlist settings

Saves the current selections to the open playlist. If no playlist is already open it will prompt you for a name for the new playlist

Remove the current playlist

Prompts you to confirm you want to remove the playlist before proceeding.
NOTE: this cannot be undone.

Edit the name and group of the current playlist

A popup will open allowing you to edit the name and group the playlist is assigned to.


There are a few options available for sorting the score records in the playlist.

There fields available to sort by include Start Time and Game State. The direction of the sorting can be change by clicking on the up/down arrow in the Sort By control.

Use in Rundowns

The saved dynamic playlists can be used in a Rundown in the same places a standard score playlist could be used.

Select a zone which is score compatible and you should see your playlist available as an option in the Dynamic Score Playlist group.

Use in BLADE

The saved dynamic playlists can be used in a BLADE request for Scores to dynamically filter the output.