Players and Agents

Chameleon is more than just a playout engine rendering graphics. Chameleon has 2 functions:

  1. read scheduled ticker data
  2. render ticker graphics

The Chameleon core has a standard pipe for reading Chameleon data. That data includes channel information, shows, zones and the rundowns for those zones. So regardless of how you render the ticker graphics, the data pipe is the same for each renderer.

Chameleon includes a plugin render architecture which greatly simplifies adding graphics support for render engines. We encourage 3rd party developers to use Chameleon as their framework for providing full Chameleon playout support. Our plugin architecture is free to all developers.

As a starting point, BL has developed 3 renderers for Chameleon:

  1. HTML5
  2. NDI
  3. Ross Video XPression

Renderers can even share the same data making it possible for a ticker channel to be defined to output a web page on HTML5, SDI output using XPression and NDI output into a Tricaster.