Most media added to Flow from either a user or from an automated data source like Stories, Twitter, Facebook or RSS is kept in Server's media library so that it is readily accessible when your player or data consumption service needs it. You can also utilize the Media module as a Media Asset manager for adding images to content.

To manage your media library, use the Media module in Content section of the Flow interface

This module allows you to view all the images & videos (i.e. media) that have been added to the database. This includes all media added from other modules such as Sports (League and Team Control), Stories, Promos, etc.

Media can be added manually to the selected bin by clicking on the Add New button. Manual addition would be used to add images for stories or logos for teams or leagues.

You can filter, find and rename or remove media.


Media is organized into Bins. You can easily manage the bins in the Media module.

You can right-click on an existing bin to

  • edit the bin name

  • delete a bin

  • add a new bin inside that bin

Note that Bins are now hierarchical and you can have bins within bins. For example, you create an overall league Bin where the sub bins can hold the media for each team in the league.

Add a new Bin

To a add a new bin at the top level

  • right-click on the content group name displayed at the top of the list of the bins

  • click on the New Bin option

  • provide a name and a broadcast name

  • press the save button

To add a new bin to an existing bin

  • right-click on the bin name

  • click on the New Bin option

  • provide a name and a broadcast name

  • press the save button

Move Items Within Bins

Media items can be easily drag-and-dropped into new bins for easy re-organization.

Selecting Items

You can select items a few different ways.

  1. Click on the checkbox on the far left of each item

  2. Use SHIFT+click to select multiple rows in sequence.

  3. Use CTRL+click to select multiple rows that are not in sequential order together.

Once selected you can drag and drop the items into a bin in the left hand bin list to move them there.