DMan Data Management

DMan Data Management

DMan is the data management application for all Bannister Lake products. One of the primary tasks of DMan is to age out old data and keep disk based data storage from exceeding your server capacity. This data can be anything from scheduled resources that have played out or stories and scores that are expired.

Versions of Flow earlier than 7.1.4.x used a DMan with the version This Dman was a desktop application and had a GUI interface

Starting with Flow version 7.1.4.x or higher in early 2014, a new DMan service exists. This DMan has a version of 1.x and has a companion system tray application to manage it. The status of this DMan can also be seen in Flow through the Agent Status at the top of the Chameleon Flow interface and can be seen as an installed service in your Windows Services Control Panel.


The DMan service is installed on your Bannister Lake primary data server only. Do not install it on client systems, player systems or your backup data server.

Data Maintenance and Curation

DMan constantly monitors for data that is out of date and gently cleans this data from your disk and database. This prevents against buildup of data which leads to resource saturation on your server and affect the overall performance.

Configuring DMan and Setting Module Preferences

After install, no additional configuration is needed if you have default install location of Chameleon which is http://[serverip]/Chameleon. The service will start, the product you have will be detected and the applicable data aging modules will be run.

A DMan icon will install to the windows system tray. Clicking on the DMan icon in the system tray will display a popup menu that can be used to do various operations.

In the DMan Configuration settings window you can view registered subscriptions. Subscriptions can also be added and removed as required.

Some DMan modules have configurable aspects using the preferences keys through the product web interface. For details on each module and the preference keys that apply, please see the applicable available module page.

Available Modules

There are some modules that apply to a single product while others are used in multiple products.

For details see the Available Modules page.

Additional DMan Status

In the event that DMan cannot contact the subscriptions that you have provided, additional details on the connection issues can be found in the C:/ProgramData/Bannister Lake/DMan/Logs directory

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