Reader - Google Sheets Scores

The Google Sheets Scores Reader is used to get updates of scores from a shared Google Sheet. The precise format of the google sheet is mandatory and should be a copy of the template which is available at:

Each Google Sheet file can contain multiple leagues. The leagues are all organized in sheets within the file. The format of the sheet has strict formatting where Game State must be one of the required Super Ticker scores game states. All fields except Status are mandatory. Status is a freeform field allowing flexibility of how a game status can look for different language and format styles. 

The google sheet id is what the reader uses to identify the google sheet. You can get that id from the sheet url or by going to the sheet's share option.

Once the reader is running, it'll automatically add scores for all leagues defined in the sheets. If leagues and teams don't exist in the super ticker database, the reader will add them. Once added, users can modify any of the fields for leagues and teams since the linking of leagues and teams is done using a hidden field.