Closings Statuses

Closings are notifications, such as a list of institutions or centers that are closed due to inclement weather. 

Closings specify the status of defined institutions and they are managed using the Content Control > Closings module.

You can manage the list of Closing Statuses options in Flow.  From the Home page, select Closings > Statuses

Add New Status

Enter Status Text and click Add Now.

Manage Closing Status

You can manage closing statuses at any time as follows:

Edit Status
  1. Click Edit to modify a closing status.  
  2. Modify the status name.
  3. Click Save Now to save your changes.
Remove Status

Removing a closing status also removes it from any existing institution that has that status set currently.

Click Remove  to remove the status. Click OK to confirm.

Note: The Uses count for each status tells you how many existing institutions have that status set currently.

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