Dynamic Fields

In cases where the predefined fields available in Chameleon is not sufficient for your broadcast needs, you can supplement your existing data with an unlimited number of customized dynamic fields. Like all other content in Chameleon, dynamic field content can be automatically populated with an integrated data feed or populated manually. Chameleon gives you two approaches to using dynamic fields.

Ad hoc

You can create fields on the fly as you need them and assemble incoming fields from an integrated data feed. This can be accessed whenever you see the dynamic field icon:

For more information see: https://bannisterlake.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ST/pages/48922936


You can pre-create fields that are defined, organized hierarchically into groups, and optionally custom labeled by using the Dynamic Fields module in the Miscellaneous section of the Flow dashboard.

For more information see: https://bannisterlake.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ST/pages/48922959

Dynamic Field Types

There are 6 main types of dynamic fields that you can use including text, number and toggles.

For more information see: https://bannisterlake.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ST/pages/1145176188

Dynamic Field Preferences and Options

The use of the dynamic fields has some options to be configured to adjust how you interact with them.

System Preferences

There are a number of System Preferences that can be set that apply to all users.

Dynamic Fields - Display Full Path For Logos

Default: false

When set to true, this will display the full path for dynamic logo fields.

Dynamic Fields - Display Value - OFF

Default: ☐

Used to represent the OFF value of a toggle field.

Dynamic Fields - Display Value - ON

Default: ☑

Used to represent the ON value of a toggle field.

Dynamic Fields - Enable Cancel Confirmation

Default: true

When true a cancel confirmation prompt is enabled. (build

Dynamic Fields - Enable Save Confirmation

Default: true

When true a save confirmation prompt is enabled. (build

Dynamic Fields - Sort By Names By Default

Default: false

When true the dynamic fields sort by name in Flow for viewing and editing.

Dynamic Fields - Use Display Names

Default: true

When true the display names are used in the presentation of the dynamic fields for viewing and editing.