Traffic Playlists

Use the Traffic Playlist module to create traffic playlists.

Add Traffic Playlist 

You can create a new traffic playlist for your specific broadcast needs.

  1. Enter a new playlist name and press the ENTER key.

  2. Move traffic reports between the Traffic Reports list and the playlist you created:

    • Drag and drop reports from one list to the other.

    • Double-click on a report to move it to the end of the playlist or remove it from the playlist.

Tip: You can select multiple reports to manage them as a group.

  • Hold CTRL to select multiple reports.

  • Hold SHIFT to select concurrent reports.

Manage Traffic Report Playlists

You can manage existing traffic report playlists at any time as follows:





Select Playlist

When prompted to choose a playlist, select an existing traffic playlist from the list to modify.

Rename Playlist

  1. Click Rename.

  2. Modify the playlist name.

  3. Click Save.

Reorder Reports in a Playlist

Click and drag reports to reorder them for broadcast output.

Remove Reports from a Playlist

Click the remove icon  to remove a report from a playlist.

OR drag the report back into the Traffic list on the left.

Delete Playlist

Deleting a traffic report playlist is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

Click the Delete button and click OK to confirm.


Note: You cannot edit the traffic report details in a playlist.

BLADE for Traffic

Traffic can also be accessed through BLADE. See the topic BLADE - Traffic for details.