BLADE - BL Active Data Exchange

BLADE is Chameleon's RESTful API feature that offers simplified data retrieval contained within a single URL. The BLADE module provides you access to all of your topics and content in XML, RSS, JSON or CSV formats, as available, so that you can use the same dynamic broadcast content on any platform.

You can assemble direct query URL access to your data using the Miscellaneous > BLADE option.

BLADE Modules

There are a number of BLADE modules available that can be selected from the main BLADE menu

Extra Options

There are a set of extra options that apply to all of the BLADE modules. The options allow you to further customize the output of BLADE.

NOTE: each of these settings have a corresponding default value that can be set by a System Administrator via System Configuration - Preferences. To find these search for preference keys starting with "BLADE".

CSV Options

 If CSV is selected as a Format type there are some options available to control various CSV file properties.





Include Headers

Specify whether the first line of the csv file will contain header data or not.

  • When selected, the first line of the csv file will contain header data.

  • When cleared, the first line of the csv file will be the first row of data.


Select the character that will be used to separate the columns in the csv file. Select from: Comma, Bar, Tab, and Custom.

Custom Separator

If the Custom option in the Separator drop down list is selected the Custom Separator field will allow a custom separator to be specified.