Blacklist Words

If you are using the social media module Twitter the Blacklist Word Filter is already assisting at the reader level by removing posts with undesirable words in them. Any post with the offensive words contained in them are dropped before they even reach Flow.

Users should consider visiting this module on occasion and adding additional words to this list to improve filtering of language deemed inappropriate for viewership.

Adding A Word To the Blacklist 

In the Miscellaneous section, click on the Blacklist Words module.

Add Blacklisted Words

  1. Click ➕ Add New Word button.

  2. Enter the new blacklisted Word,

  3. Specify how the word will be searched by the readers,

  4. Click the check-mark ✅ button to save. 

Search Options

EXACT: The post is dropped only if the exact iteration of the whole word is found in the content.

CONTAINS: The post is dropped if any word contains your bad word. This option can be useful when you want to trap plural versions of words. EG: "Contains" Foul would also eliminate "Contains" Fouls

REGEX: The post is dropped if it matches the regular expression you create. Regex, or Regular Expression is a powerful language for defining context matching. Test your Regex in an online tool like

Import Words

You can import your own custom list of words. This is especially helpful if you have words in different languages you want to add.

Export Words

You may want to export the existing list to

  • see an example of the format used when importing

  • create a backup of the list before importing a new one

  • copy or share you list with another Flow instance.

Format Notes

The CSV format includes both the word and the Search type while the text format only includes the words.