You can manage channels including adding, disabling and permanently removing them.

Important Note

Channels are shared by branding and ticker modules.

From the Home page, select Miscellaneous > Channels

Once on the Channels page you will see a list of currently available channels for the selected content group.

Disable a Channel

To disable a channel

  1. Press the delete icon just to the left of the channel name.

  2. Confirm the request to disable the channel.

Disabling a channel can be undone by restoring it. 

Restore a Channel

You can restore a disabled channel. 

  1. Select the disabled channel from the dropdown list in the Restore Channel section.

  2. Press the Restore button.

  3. Confirm when prompted.

Permanently Remove a Channel

This action cannot be undone.

If you wish to completely remove a channel you need to

  1. First disable the channel (see above for details)

  2. Select the disabled channel from the dropdown list in the Remove Permanently section.

  3. Press the Remove button

  4. Confirm when prompted.

Channel Limits

There may be a limit to the number of channels that you can create and use. This limit is set when you license your product. Please contact if you need to make any changes to the number of licensed channels for your instance.

You cannot enable more channels then you are licensed for.