BLADE - Weather

Weather URL Generator

Use the Weather URL Generator to assemble the direct query URL for weather content.

  1. Specify URL parameters, as defined in the following table.

  2. Click Generate to produce the query string in the specified format based on the parameters you set.

  3. Click Test to generate data in the specified format in a new browser tab based on the parameters you set. Use the Test function to ensure that the topic or playlist returns appropriate results and to view the format of the output.

  4. Copy and paste the Query String generated in your platforms as needed.

URL Parameter



URL Parameter




Select the data format. Select from: XML or JSON.

City or Playlist

Select a location or weather playlist from the list.


Select a weather data source to filter the location lists.

Unique XML

Specify how lists of xml elements are returned. Useful for legacy systems that don't handle lists of xml elements.

  • When selected, lists of xml elements will be given unique names (<current>,<day1>, <day2>).

  • When cleared, lists of xml elements will all be named the same (<WeatherForecast>)

Select Unit Groups

Select a group of units to apply to the weather data to convert it.

The group settings can be overridden by selecting the individual units separately.


Select a scale for temperatures:

  • C

  • F

Applies to:

  • Temp

  • Temp2

  • Dewpoint

  • Summary

Wind Speed

Select the wind speed units:

  • kph

  • mph  

  • mps (meters per second)

Applies to:

  • Wind speed

  • Summary


Select the distance units:

  • km

  • mi

Applies to:

  • Visibility


Select the pressure units:

  • kPa

  • hPa

  • mb

  • inHg

Applies to:

  • Pressure