Tweet Moderation

You can manage Tweet moderation in the Twitter module.To access the Twitter module in Flow, from the Home page, select Content Control > Twitter.

About Twitter Reader

Tweets are retrieved by an agent called Twitter Reader. This agent runs in the background and returns valid content based on your topic searches created in Flow.  

As Twitter Reader processes incoming Tweets, the content is validated against a list of inappropriate words and phrases to ensure the appropriateness of your content for broadcast. If a Tweet or post contains a matching word in the blacklist, the entire Tweet is discarded before it can reach Flow.  

Automatically Approve Tweets

For any topic, you can choose to have Tweets automatically approved by selecting the Auto Approve Tweets option.

When filtering on a specific Twitter account that is trusted or under your control, such as when you are working with professional posters, businesses, politicians, reporters, or stations, automatically approving Tweets from those account makes sense. By default, this value is disabled.

Note: Filtering on hashtags or to accounts such as soliciting Tweets from fans or viewers can return unwanted or undesirable content; therefore, automatically approving Tweets containing those hashtags or from those accounts may be risky.

Whether you have topics set to approve Tweets automatically or not, you can always moderate Tweets manually using the Moderate Tweets tab.

Manually Moderate Tweets

You can always moderate Tweets manually using the Moderate Tweets tab regardless of whether you have topics set to approve automatically.
By default, the Moderate Tweets tab displays unapproved Tweet content on the left and approved Tweets on the right side of the screen. You can change the screen layout to suit your needs and workflows.

 Click here to see an example of the screen.

Each Tweet displays:

  • Twitter handle
  • Tweet content
  • How old the Tweet is
  • Number of times the Tweet has been broadcast 

Approve Tweets

Tweet moderation is as simple as clicking the approval buttons to change a Tweet’s status from not approved to approved. Approved Tweets go into an approved queue and they can be added to playlists.

Tweet is approved and is moved to an approved queue. Click to move the Tweet to the Unapproved Tweets list.

Tweet is not approved and remains in the Unapproved Tweets list unless you remove it completely.
Click to approve the Tweet and move it to the Approved Tweets queue. 

Note: New, incoming Tweets can push out Tweets in the Approved queue. Once the Max Tweets To Queue for the search is reached, older Tweets in the Approved queue are discarded as new Tweets come in. Tweets saved to a playlist are not affected by the Max Tweets to Queue setting.

Tip: In addition to using the approval buttons, you can also:

  • Double-click on a Tweet to approve it.
  • Drag-and-drop Tweets to approve them or change them back to not approved.
  • Hold CTRL to select multiple Tweets.
  • Hold SHIFT to select concurrent Tweets. 

Tweet Topic Management Options

You can manage topics as follows:

Edit Tweets
  1. Hover over the tweet you want to edit to show the popup menu 
  2. Click Edit to modify the Tweet content. 
  3. Click Save Now to save your changes.  


Note: Modifications made to Tweet content are stored locally and are not re-posted back to Twitter at any time.

Remove Tweets

Click Remove to remove the Tweet.   


  • Removing a Tweet is a permanent action that cannot be undone.
  • Removing a Tweet does not affect the original Twitter account in any way.
Show or Hide Avatars

When avatar information is available for the topic, you can show or hide the avatars associated with the Twitter accounts in the Flow interface.

Note: Showing avatars can affect system performance.

Filter lists

You can filter any of the Tweet lists by:


  • Name - a Twitter user identifier
  • Account - a specific Twitter account or handle
  • Tweet Text - Tweet content that contains one or more specified words
  • Topic - Tweet content originating from specific topics (playlists only)
  • Plays - the number of times the Tweet has been output so far 

The Plays Filter icon provides additional filter criteria:


Page Navigation & Size

Depending on your searches, TweetOut may return a large number of Tweets and display them across multiple pages.


  • Control the number of Tweets per page by changing the Page Size value and clicking Change.
  • Move from page to page by specifying the Page value and clicking Go.
Refresh listsClick Refresh at any time to update the list of Tweets. Flow retrieves new Tweets according to the topic and search parameter configuration.

Customize Moderate Tweets Layout

You can change the layout of the Moderate Tweets tab columns to accommodate a playlist management workflow. You may want to save those Tweets to specific playlists for output later without leaving the Twitter module.

 Left Column
On the Moderate Tweets tab, the left column displays Unapproved Tweets by default. You can configure that column to display Approved Tweets instead.  

 Right Column
The right column displays Approved Tweets by default. You can configure that column to display Tweets for a specific playlist instead. 

View Mode

Select Just Tweets from the view mode list to view as many tweets on screen at one time as possible. Selecting this option will cause the list to resize to the full height of your browser window.

Select Normal to use the default size tweet queue.

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