Twitter Topic Control

Twitter topics are collections of search filters that find Tweets matching specific criteria. Topics are defined for specific content groups to segregate data, users, and content, or topics can be generically defined and available to all content groups. 

Twitter content searches and content moderation is configured and managed using the Content Control > Twitter module.

You can create and manage your Twitter topics in Flow. From the Home page, select Flow Configuration > Twitter Topic Control.

 Click here to see an example of the screen.


Add New Twitter Topic

  1. If prompted, select a Content Group from the list to filter the list of topics to show only those for that Content Group. Content Groups are created and managed in the User Setup > Manage Content Groups module.
  2. Click Add New Twitter Topic.  
  3. Enter the Topic Name.
  4. Specify topic configuration options as defined in the following table.
  5. Specify the Content Group(s) to which this topic applies.
  6. Click Add Now.

Configuration OptionDescription
Auto Approve Tweets?

Specifies whether Tweets are automatically approved or not.

Save Avatars?Allows you the option of retrieving avatars associated with the Tweets.
  • If you never intend to broadcast avatars with Tweets, clear this option. The net result is an improvement in system performance.
  • If you want the option to broadcast avatars with Tweets, select this option to ensure that the avatar information is available when you need it.
Updates Enabled?

When selected, new Tweets are added as they become available. By default, this value is enabled.

 Clear this option to prevent new Tweets from being added to this topic.

Broadcast CountSpecifies the default number of Tweets a player, such as BLADE,  will take from the Approved Tweet queue at a time for broadcast output. Once those Tweets are output, the player retrieves the same number of default Tweets, when available, for output.
By default, this value is 20. So, a BLADE request would take 20 Tweets from the Approved queue for a broadcast at one time. Once those 20 Tweets have been output, BLADE returns for 20 more Tweets for output.
If you want a player to return to the Approved queue sooner for content, set this value to a lower number. 
Content GroupSpecifies the Content Group to which this topic applies.
Content Groups are created and managed in the User Setup > Manage Content Groups module.  

Edit Twitter Topics 

  1. Click Edit to modify the topic.  
  2. Modify topic configuration options as needed.
  3. Click Save Now.  

Tip: You can sort the columns of the table. Click on a column header to sort in ascending or descending order.

Remove Twitter Topics

Removing a topic is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

Click Remove to remove the topic. Click OK to confirm. 

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