Events Playlists

Use the Event Playlists module to create and manage Event Playlists using content from multiple calendars. This module enables you to order your Events in a Playlist for broadcast.

From the Events page, select the Playlists tab.

Add Event Playlist 

 You can create a new event playlist for your specific broadcast needs. 

  1. Enter a new playlist name and press the ENTER key.
  2. Move events between the Event Management list and the playlist you created:
    • Drag and drop events from one list to the other.
    • Double-click on an event to move it to the end of the playlist or remove it from the playlist.


Events assigned in the playlist by default, will be in the order of the time and dates of the events themselves.

Tip: You can select multiple events to manage them as a group.

  • Hold CTRL to select multiple events.
  • Hold SHIFT to select concurrent events.

Manage Event Playlists 

You can manage existing event playlists at any time as follows:


Select Playlist

When prompted to choose a playlist, select an existing event playlist from the list to modify.

Rename Event Playlist
  1. Click Rename.
  2. Modify the playlist name.
  3. Click Save.

Reorder Events in a Playlist

To custom reorder the events, make sure you select the Custom Order Box.

Click and drag events to reorder them for broadcast output.

Remove Events from a PlaylistClick Delete to remove an event from a playlist.
Delete Event Playlist

Deleting an event playlist is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

Click Delete and click OK to confirm.

Note: You cannot edit the events or its status in a playlist.

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