Community Maps/Reader

Community allows you to access any cloud instance of BL Community available, pull data from that cloud instance and populate your local Chameleon database.

Adding a Community Source

Be sure to have the Community Reader running on your Chameleon Server.

In the Miscellaneous section, click on the Community module.

Add A New Community Source

  1. Click Add New Source

  2. Enter the URL of the community site, and give the URL a name and save.

Selecting the Source and Type

  1. Select your new community source (or use the default Bannister Lake Community source)

Add New Data Mapped Items

After selecting your Source and Type, it's time to add a New Map. You can have as many maps as you would like.

  1. Click Add New Map and select your data type 

  2. Once you have selected your data type select your 'Source' from the drop down and map it to your 'Target'. Note that the 'Target' is your local league or topic name that you want the data do appear in.

  3. Optionally you can enable 'Auto Approve' so that content goes directly to air without manual intervention (approval). Also, mappings can be disabled by unchecking the 'Enabled' check box.

  4. Click 'Save' when complete. 

After saving your map, and with the reader running, your data will automatically be pulled from the Community Instance.

Community Reader Notes

The reader will check for updates to the mappings and subscriptions each minute.

The reader does not immediately process all the subscriptions when it launches - instead it waits for the defined interval before check for data. So if a subscription updates every 5 minutes it will wait 5 minutes after startup before pulling updated data.