Community refers to 2 concepts in the Chameleon ecosystem.

  1. sharing of data between instances of Chameleon

  2. special instance of Chameleon used by Bannister Lake, our customers and partners to publish data for customer use


Sharing of Data Between Chameleon Instances

Through the use of a special reader, Community Reader, it’s easy to share data between instances of Chameleon. For example, if you have access to more than one instance of Chameleon but don’t want to run a reader/manually enter for each, an alternative is to run the reader/manually enter once and then share it to other Chameleon instances with the Community Reader.

Community Reader duplicates a container on one Chameleon instance to another. For example, election results could be duplicated this way.

In Flow, first create the target container and then use the Community function on the dashboard to connect the two:

Since all Chameleon instances support Community, it’s just a matter of defining the Chameleon source:

By default, Chameleon includes our cloud-based, free Chameleon instance called Community on the list but you can define your own whether the instance is on the cloud or in a intranet.

All that’s needed is to provide a url to the instance, give it a name and you are ready to go:

The term we use for making these duplicates is “map”. We’re mapping one Chameleon container into another. For example, here we are mapping the Dow Jones 30 from Chameleon instance to a local target.

It’s possible to even map containers on your own instance. This is useful when wanting to share data in one content group on your instance to another.

Community Instance

The granddaddy of data sharing in Chameleon is Community, “the instance”. It is location at this url:

with a redirect located at:

This is a place where Bannister Lake shares useful data like sports scores, weather, financial data and more for all Chameleon users to use. It’s also where customers and partners can share data to a smaller audience. For example, it can be used to share school closings to a television channel entered by school boards or specific schools.

Bannister Lake provides free Community accounts as requested by our customers. These accounts can even be organized in content groups with a full administration account for the content group. This allows the admin to create user accounts on request and without limitations.

Accounts can be setup to use gmail credentials or standard Chameleon logins.

Of course, the Community instance is supported as a Community source for any Chameleon instance.

If you or your organization wishes to share data to the Chameleon “community”, please contact Bannister Lake: