Weather Playlists

Use the Weather Playlists module to create and manage weather forecast playlists and control the forecast location order for output. For example, you can create a regional forecast playlist for a specific broadcast area that includes many locations.
Weather forecast data are created and managed using the Content > Weather module, where weather data can be provided automatically when a data feed is available or entered manually.

From the home page, under Content select Weather 

then select Playlists as seen below:

Add Weather Playlist

You can create a new weather playlist for your specific broadcast needs.

  1. If appropriate, select a Content Group from the list to filter content by that Content Group. 

  2. Then choose a playlist, or enter a new playlist name and press the Enter key. 

  3. Move locations between the Available Locations list and the playlist you created:

    1. Drag and drop locations from one list to the other.

    2. Double-click on a location to move it to the end of the playlist or remove it from the playlist.

    3. Select a location and use the move buttons to move it and reorder it in a list.

Tip: You can select multiple locations to manage them as a group. 

  • Hold CTRL to select multiple locations.

  • Hold SHIFT to select concurrent locations.

All Locations Playlist

By default, Chameleon comes installed with an All Locations weather playlist. This is a system-managed playlist whose locations you can reorder; however, you cannot rename, delete, or modify this playlist in any other way.

Manage Weather Playlists

You can manage existing weather playlists at any time as follows:





Select a Playlist

When prompted to choose a playlist, select an existing weather playlist from the list to modify.

Rename a Playlist

  1. Click Rename.

  2. Modify the playlist name.

  3. Click the Save button or press the Enter key.

Reorder Locations

By default weather playlists will be sorted by location name alphabetically.

You can customize the order the locations are output in a playlist by first clicking the Custom Order checkbox below the playlist drop down. Then reorder locations by dragging and dropping them or by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Remove Locations

Click the delete button on the right of the playlist to remove a location from a playlist.

or click a button to move the selected item back to the available list

or drag the location back to the available list

Delete a Playlist

Deleting a weather playlist is a permanent action that cannot be undone.
Click Delete and click OK to confirm.