System Configuration Module

This module allows you to view system settings and to make changes to preferences, enabled features and serial keys.

You access the module as a System Administrator using the Configuration link in the System Tools group on the dashboard.


The preferences section allows you to control a plethora of customization options that affect the way Chameleon behaves. You can set the warning length for story headers and bodies. Or set the temperature scale or wind speed units. Also set many default values used when creating new topics.

Changes to the preference values will take effect when the change is saved.

In the screenshot below you can see

  • the list was filtered to show only preferences related to Story

  • the selected preference setting is for the Story Header Warning Length

  • the value can be changed and saved

  • the value can be reset to the default value using the reset button

System Info

The system info section provides a summary of information about the browser, installed components and culture settings.

This is a report only - no changes can be made here.

The culture info represents the server settings that are used when displaying content in Chameleon To change these you must change the corresponding settings on the web server that is hosting the Chameleon application.

Serial Key

The serial key section allows you to view and change the serial associated with the instance of Chameleon. The serial keys control which features of your product can be enabled for use.

It displays:

  • your current serial number

    • and indicates if it is valid

  • Expiry date

    • some serials are created for demo or trial use and will expire while others have no expiry

  • Product

    • this identifies which product the key enables - Example: Chameleon, Tick-it, etc.

  • Features

    • this is a list of available features that you are licensed to use.


This section allows you to control which of the features are enabled for use in Chameleon.

Disabled features do not show:

  • on the home page dashboard

  • in the BLADE module

You would choose to disable modules if your serial gives you more features than you wish to currently use. If you decide you would like to use them you can always re-enable them here.

After making your changes press the Save button. A popup message will confirm when the changes are saved.

This features section was added in version

Database Maintenance

This section provides a glimpse into the update status of the system.

Google Login

Available in version

You can enable individual users to login using their existing google account instead of using separate password stored in Flow.

Enable in System Preferences

To enable this you must set the appropriate System Preference keys.

Assign Users to Google Login

Follow instructions here.

LDAP Login

There are details available on the Using LDAP page.