Site Wide Alerts

If you have ever wanted to notify users of a need for planned maintenance or other important message that will impact their use of the system - the site wide alert message feature might be what you are looking for. Only 1 message is active at a time.

Enabling Site Wide Alerts

Before you can use them, they need be enabled in the System Preferences module. Look for the preference setting: Site Wide Alert > Enabled and change it to True.

This feature was first available for use in Flow in version

Creating a Site Wide Alert

To create an alert you go to the Alert tab of the System Configuration module.

You can define the text used for:

  • Header

  • Message

  • OK button

    • (defaults to OK)

After setting the texts you enable the message by making sure the enabled checkbox is set and pressing the Save button.

Once enabled and saved this message will display in all user browsers.

Acknowledging Alerts

The alert message appears on top of the content of in the browser to ensure that the message is seen and will be acknowledged. To do so the user will simply click on the OK button and the message will collapse into an alert icon in the upper-right corner. The user can click on it to re-open the message as long as the message remains active and enabled.

Updating the Alert Message

You can change the message without requiring users to re-acknowledge it or you can save it as a new message to cause the message to be prominently displayed again.

Minor text change

If you need to make a minor change to the text that you want users to see if they haven’t already seen the message then simply make your change to the text and press the Save button. Any user who has already seen your original text will not be required to view the new text.

Important Change or New Message

To issue an important change to an existing message or to create a whole new unrelated message - you do the same thing:

  • apply the new text to the header, message, OK button

  • press the Save As New Alert button

The new text will display in all browsers requiring users to acknowledge it by pressing the OK button.

Disabling an Alert Message

To remove the alert message entirely including the collapsed alert icon you clear the Enabled checkbox and then press the Save button.

Completely Disable Alerts

The alerts can also be disabled by turning the alert feature off in the System Preferences module using the Site Wide Alert > Enabled option. This option overrides any setting on the Alert tab.