Rich Text Style

This section describes how to configure the Rich Text formatting inside Chameleon to work with graphic systems such as XPression.

The system preference named Broadcast Styles is used to enable the use of these styles in the Story and Sports modules.

Rich Text Editor Body Styles

The Rich Text Editor Body Styles allows you to define the styles seen in Score Report and Story sections.

Controls to specify the body styles.
Sample of the body style applied to the story edit box.

Rich Text Editor Text Styles

You can customize the font styles which can be used as part of the graphic system by creating your own text style. Once the text style is created you can select it in the Score Reports or Story sections inside Chameleon.

The Class text is what will be used for the graphic system.
Make sure the class text matches the font style name.

Below you see a sample of a BlueBold font whose class name matches the font as defined in XPression.