Viewing Chameleon System Reports

Chameleon offers reports on various activities in the system. Some reports are from events that users generate and others are reports from system based events.

To get started browsing reports, select either Audi Logs, Errors or Promo As Run.

Content Change Events Report

All changes in Flow are registered as a change event. This report lists every single content change from Flow users. Addition, modification or deletion of content is registered as content change events.

DMan Events Report

DMan is a Data Management component of Flow, cleaning up old content like stories and scores once they have expired. This keeps your data from exceeding storage size. DMan also cleans up old audit logs so that they do not expand to an unmanageable size. If you want to see the activity logs of DMan this report will allow you to do so.

Login Events Report

Each login from a user is registered and visible through the Login Events report. Check when a user last logged in by filtering on their user ID.

As Run Report

If you are using promos, each on air impression of the promotion is logged in this report. This assists in reconciliation with your sales team and can be used to properly change for on-air time of a client's advertisement.

System Change Events Report

Changes made to user accounts, preference keys, or serial information can be seen in this report.

System Errors Report

When an error is generated in the use of Flow, it is tracked here. If you open a support ticket, the support staff may ask you to export this report to help them troubleshoot the issue.

System Warnings Report

When non critical errors are generated, they are tracked here.

Weather Events Report

If you are using a weather parser to bring in weather data, the parser activity is tracked here.

My Change Logs Report

Similar to the Content Change report, this report includes all the content changes, but is automatically filtered on only your changes.

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