Legacy - Traffic Tags

For additional records, tags should be labeled as such: ^traffic[1].road, ^traffic[2].road.

[0] = 1st record [1] = 2nd record [2] = 3rd record etc...

Super Ticker TagDescription
^RoadNameThe name of the road in the report (Required)
^PlaceNameThe location of the traffic report
^DirectionThe cardinal direction of the road in this traffic report.
^CameraFeedThe name of the camera feed
^CurrentDriveTimeCurrent drive time, in minutes
^NormalDriveTimeNormal drive time, in minutes
^RoadIconAn image representing the road
^RouteThe route associated with this report
^TypeThe type of incident associated with this report
^UpdateTextA text field displaying a status update for this report
^Tag[***]Dynamic Fields