Legacy - Alert Tags

For additional records, tags should be labeled as such: ^alert[1].text, ^alert[2].text

[0] = 1st record [1] = 2nd record [2] = 3rd record etc...

Super Ticker TagDescription
^AlertCodeThe Code for the alert Type
^AlertTextOptional alert content
^AlertTitleOptional alert Title/Header
^AlertTypeThe name of the alert type

^Tag[***]Dynamic Tag for Alerts


For crawls, the ST player caches the content for ^alert.content on how many characters there are in the text obj. For example, if you put "ABC" as temp text in ^alert.content, it'll duplicate that child a number of times to fill 1920x2 in horizontal space which may cause update delays. It's best to fill in the proper text as temp in order to get a more frequent update.