Chameleon User's Guide


Chameleon is a robust content display solution, coupled with a web-based content management interface that enables users to broadcast news and information effortlessly and with a high level of automation.

Chameleon provides you with the perfect blend of automated data retrieval from automated sources including weather, headlines, sports scores, financials, social media, or traffic, combined with your own original editorial content such as local and regional news and promotions/sponsorships for revenue generation. Chameleon also allows editors to re-purpose approved content by dynamically assigning content to multiple different shows and playlists thus eliminating the need to enter duplicate content.

Chameleon's design workflow is compatible with popular graphic design packages through its ODBC, XML and RSS protocols, and visual effects are left to the creativity and power of your broadcast platform. Chameleon offers easy support for regional variations of news bugs, and its real-time content authoring tools enable quick development of breaking news, weather warnings and emergency alerts. 

Chameleon is a database driven system that uses a web interface. Through Chameleon, users create text and graphics content accessed either directly from the database or in an XML, RSS, or JSON format through web and file formats.

Learn How to Use Chameleon