Branding Master

Branding Master is a master control application for triggering assets for branding channels. It supports all the branding commands and has support for multiple channels. The channels can even be a mix of standard and XPression channels. This application used to be called Switcher. Branding Master has all of the same features as Flow’s Trigger Assets tab making it somewhat redundant:


After launching Branding Master, enter your Flow credentials:

From those credentials, it will determine what channels you have access to:

After choosing channels (which persists between launches), the main window looks like:

To trigger assets, select the desired assets. Standard multi-select is supported using the shift and ctrl keys.

The main window’s grid has flexibility in viewing channels and assets. For example, to organize into channels, drag the channel grid header like this:

Each column provides flexible filtering. For example, we can filter on bugs with asset name coke:

For channels that support it, there are preview commands that allow showing assets in the preview channel and to clear the preview channel. If the channel/player doesn’t support a preview channel, the commands are ignored by the player.

The Refresh button provides a quick way to refresh the list of assets from the database. That is, it goes out to the database to get a fresh set of assets.

Branding Master also allows forcing the refresh of the player’s assets and program schedule:

It only refreshes channels who have assets currently selected.