Schedule (Resource Types)

The main function of Brando is to schedule resources. Most of the scheduling modules include a schedule overview. Resources such as BugsSnipesBumpers and Next all share a common scheduling workflow: when you are ready to schedule resources in Brando, choose the resource scheduling module, select a channel, select the scene to schedule, specify schedule parameters, and add the scene to the schedule.

Brando resources refer to the scenes defined in an XPression Project. The resource name describes a specific type of Brando graphic, and Brando reads all resources from a channel’s XPression Project file. Using a resource naming convention, Brando is able to distinguish different types of resources such as BugsNextBumpers, and so on. 

Strict resource tagging conventions in the scenes fully detail the options available for these resources.

Once a scene is loaded into Brando by Gears, it becomes a resource that can be scheduled in Brando for output by the Brando Player. Resources such as BugsSnipesBumpers and Next all share a common scheduling workflow.

A scene will be ignored by Brando until it:


Brando resource types include: