Schedule Bugs


Note: It is recommended that you schedule programs before attempting to schedule resources.

From the Home page, click or select Bugs.

Schedule > Bugs



Select a Channel

Select a channel from the list.

Note: Switchers and administrators can manage channels using the Manage > Channels module.


Select a Scene to Schedule

Select the scene you want to schedule from the list.

Schedule Start Date & Start Time

Specify a Start Date and Start Time for the scheduled resource.

Once you select a Start Time, you can manually adjust it to specify minutes and seconds.

Start and end times allow you to specify how long they are used. Snipes have an optional expiry instead of a defined end time.

Recurring Resources

For recurring resources, select the Recurrence option.

When you enable the Recurrence option, you can schedule a recurring resource easily in Brando, such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, as well as specify the frequency of occurrences and when the recurring schedule ends, if needed.



  • A recurring schedule with No End Date has it's future scheduled instances managed by DMan each day so it's important that DMan is running.
  • The End By recurrence option causes your schedule to end BEFORE the day you select. For example if you choose to End By September 9th, your schedule will end ON September 8th.

Tag Time

Tag time is used to promote a future show later in your schedule.

Example: At Noon, you may want to schedule a Resource (Bug, Snipe, Next) to promote a show at 7pm with the ^Now/Next tag. The time you would want to put in the Tag Time is 7pm with the ^Now tag (in this scenario). Therefore, during your Noon news broadcast, you can promote the 7pm Show with its Show Title.


Countdown To

If your bug scene has a countdown widget, Brando will automatically add your countdown based on the date and time you have selected in the Countdown To box. This requires you to set your widget correctly in xpression and by selecting your preferred format.

Dynamic Fields

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Resources can support any number of dynamic fields as defined by the scene creator.

When you schedule a resource, the module shows you the number of dynamic fields the scene supports in the resource selection list. If you click on a resource that has fields defined, text areas for filling out the fields appear below the schedule preview.

You may also add logos to your based on your tags.

In Xpression, your tags need to be identified using the ^ character followed by the name of the tag.   

  • For Text, simply mark your tags with ^ and name. Example: ^Title
  • For Quads, the tag needs to match a specific folder structure set in your Brando Folder path.  Sub-folders within the Tagged folder are allowed. 


Add Bug to the Schedule

Click Add Now at the bottom of the page to add the resource to the schedule.

Schedule Preview Window

As resources are added to the schedule, a color-coded Schedule Preview Window updates. This small schedule preview always shows the four (4) hour window around which you are currently scheduling.


You can modify resource schedules in the Schedule Preview Window.

  • Double-click on a resource
  • or use the right-click context menu

  • Click and drag the resource to reschedule it.
  • Click and expand or contract the resource to change its duration.
  • Click Delete to remove the resource from the schedule.
  • Click Refresh to see the latest schedule information.

  • Hover over a scheduled resource to see additional details, including schedule and dynamic field details.


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