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When you want to have the query output links to an items media like the standard BLADE formatted data does there is an option to enable this as of version

Local Media URL

You use the text LocalMediaUrl(mediaIdField) where the mediaIdField is the table and column name of the field with the media ID value. (as of version

Code Block
SELECT LocalMediaUrl(t.logoID) FROM `team` t where t.`code` = @teamCode;


Similarly the text 'LocalBaseUrl' will be automatically be replaced by the URL of the Flow instance. (Example: (as of version

Time Zone Specific Now Time

The text TZ_NOW() will be automatically be replaced by the value of the current time in the time zone given. In a Query run in Flow - it is the time zone of the user. In BLADE the time zone can be specified using a parameter with the value being time zone id. (as of version

Manage Queries 

You can manage existing Queries as follows: