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When Gears publishes a graphics package project to Chameleon, all zone definitions are also published. Users can review these zone definitions for all published graphics package projects in Chameleon, including layer information and whether a zone's contents are specified in the graphics file or in a rundown.

From the Home page, under Ticker, select Rundown > Project Zones .

Review Zone Details

Expand a published project to review zone details. Click Refresh to refresh the details at any time. The default display order is alphanumeric.

Zone Scenes

When a user selects a project zone by clicking on it, they will see a list of available scenes in an adjacent grid. 

Users can edit the order values to change the order displayed in the Rundown editor. The default display order is alphanumeric. This becomes useful when there is more than one scene of the same type in a zone. The first listed scene becomes the default scene for that type.