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Sports teams or individual athletes, from local amateur groups to international professional players, can be defined using the Content Control > Sports module to display sports score content.

You can create and manage your teams in Flow by selecting the Sports > Teams tab.

Add New Team

  1. Click Add new record.
  2. Enter team information, including LocationNameCodeLeague, and Logo.
  3. Click Add Now.


Note: When selecting team logos, Click Select Logo to access the Media Management module's Selection dialog and access available media. Media is centrally stored and accessed using the Content ControlMedia Management Module.

Manage Teams

You can manage existing teams available at any time as follows.

Edit Teams
  1. Click Edit to modify the team. Image RemovedImage Added 
  2. Modify the team information as needed.
  3. Click Save Now.  
Remove Leagues

Removing a team is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

Click Remove Image RemovedImage Added to remove the team. Click OK to confirm.
Show/Hide Logos

When team logos are available, you can show or hide the logos in the Flow interface.

Image RemovedImage Added 

Note: Showing logos can affect system performance.

Filter Teams

You can filter the list of existing teams by:

  • Code
  • Location
  • Name
  • League

Navigate Teams

Depending on the number of existing teams, Chameleon may display them across multiple pages.


  • Control the number of teams per page by changing the Page Size value and clicking Change.
  • Move from page to page by entering a Page option.
Refresh Teams ListClick Refresh at any time to update the list of teams.



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