TweetOut User's Guide

BL TweetOut is a social media tool used to engage audiences with Twitter and Facebook content for live shows, sports events, special event broadcasts, and more.
Using powerful search engines, TweetOut can combine multiple Twitter searches or multiple Facebook posts into topics. Playlists can collect and manage content for broadcast.
TweetOut is a database-based system that uses a web interface called BL Flow. Through Flow, you create topics that filter incoming Tweets from specific Twitter handles or from Facebook posts from specific users. Tweets and posts can be accessed either directly from the database or in an XML, RSS, or JSON format through a URL-based interface.
TweetOut is available as a plug-in for other BL solutions, including BL Super Ticker and all BL Score Bugs; however, TweetOut can also be used as a standalone application for applications such as game shows or digital signage installations. 

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