Financials Tags

For additional records, tags should be labeled as such: ^financial[1].road, ^financial[2].road.

[0] = 1st record [1] = 2nd record [2] = 3rd record etc...

For Legacy Super Ticker Tags See: Legacy - Financials Tags

Chameleon TagDescription
^financial.nameThe name of the stock
^financial.priceThe current price of the stock

For forcing a decimal, insert this format in the metadata. (3 = # of decimals)

For XPression See: XPression Text Formatting

*Note "format" no uppercase

For Web See: Chameleon Designer Text Formatting

^financial.changeThe price change of the stock
^financial.symbolThe text symbol of the stock (Required)
^financial.marketThe name of the market
^financial.updatedTime of the last price update
^financial.volumeThe volume of stocks for the current period.

Chameleon Visible State



^topicPlaylist name (or group name Chameleon Only)
^financial."tag name"Dynamic Fields