Stories Tags

For additional records, tags should be labeled as such: ^story[1].content, ^story[2].content.

[0] = 1st record [1] = 2nd record [2] = 3rd record etc...

Chameleon TagDescription
^Story.contentContent of the stories (Required)
^Story.headerOptional Story Header
^TopicTopic of your Stories (or playlist name)
^Story.mediaGraphic if story
^Story.mediaSourceA Text field describing the source of the graphic content

^Story."tag name"Dynamic Tag for Stories
^TopicTopic of your Stories (or playlist name)
^Topic."tag name"

Story Topic Dynamic Tag

As of Player 3.0.261


For crawls, the ST player caches the content for ^story based on how many characters there are in the text obj. For example, if you put "ABC" as temp text in ^Story, it'll duplicate that child a number of times to fill 1920x2 in horizontal space which may cause update delays. It's best to fill in the proper text as temp in order to get a more frequent update.

For TIckIt3/Chameleon, you can only have one Child scene with content.   Use visual logic and auto-follow multiple entries.. (story.header followed by story.content)

You also need ^FirstItem and ^LastItem as your first and last child scene respectively.   These elements appear at the beginning of a topic and end of a topic, to trigger and update animation on the crawl parent. 

CRAWL Errors

You will get an error from the player if there is only 1 topic in the crawl.   A solution for this is to add two identical topics to the same rundown. 

If you get a 'cut' on your crawls, you need to add a transition logic on a B2B rule to avoid the scene to be taken offline while the 2nd scene goes online.