Font Styles and Emojis for Chameleon

Font Styles for Xpression

Xpression supports the ability to change fonts styles using a specific code inside Chameleon.

Setting up font styles from Chameleon to Xpression



When entering text inside Chameleon... enter the font style from Xpression in {} brackets


The font styles must be pre-determined inside Xpression in order for them to appear on output. 


Note that the Date text (white over white), TextTopic (using the blue font) and Black (using the black content font) are all being used on output.

If {font name} isn't found, it uses the previous font style.  If no previous font style exists, it uses the template's default font. 

Emoji Support 

Emoji Support for Xpression

Xpression supports certain emojis but only based on specific fonts.   Your font must be unicode-encoded with Emoji Characters.   Some sample fonts can be found here:

Emoji Support for Chameleon Web

Chameleon Web output supports standard Emoji formats based on Emoji unicodes.


You can use to copy and paste your emojis.

or on windows, press: Win + semicolon (;) and get a pop up window

Enter your text in Chameleon with the emojis of your choice. 

and your output will include said emojis. 

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