Remove Your Facebook Associated Account and Data

You can remove your account that is associated with your Facebook account for logging in yourself. To do so you login one last time and delete your associated profile. Once removed you will no longer be able to login. Deleting your account will remove the data we have associated with your account.

Steps to Remove Your Account Profile And Data

Use your Facebook account to login to Flow. Click on the Facebook button on the login screen.

Log in with Facebook button

Once logged if you are taken to the dashboard you can look for the User Profile module in the System Tools.

My Profile button in the System Tools group.

Then you will see a button at the bottom of your Profile details that will allow you to remove your account.

Remove My Account button displayed

You will be prompted to confirm the removal of you account as this action cannot be undone.

This action will remove your account and log you out. You will no longer be able to log in. Are you sure...

When confirmed – your account and associated data will be removed and you will be logged out of the app. This action cannot be undone.